Children’s Craft Tent

Visit our Children’s Activity and Craft Tent

Located on Highland Field off Spring Street

Children’s Activity Tent  Schedule

10:00 am – 6:00 pm   Celtic Creations &Crafts

11:00 am – 6:00 pm   Celtic Creations & Crafts

Back by popular demand this year is Social Dancing located at Moravian College’s Foy Hall on Saturday afternoon.

After the Scottish Highland Dance Competition is over, the stage at Foy Hall is the place to try out a new step or two!
Saturday 2:30pm – 4:45pm Irish Ceilidh Dancing & Scottish Country Dancing

From 2:30pm – 3:00pm is the children’s ceili for our wee ones under age 10. Led by O’Grady Quinlan Academy of Irish Dance with the support of the West End Ceili Dancers (Poconos)
From 3:15pm - 4:45 pm is the combined session of Scottish Country Dancing and the ceili for adults and children aged 10+.

Ceilidh Dances are from the official book, “Ar Rince Foirne” published by the Irish Dance Commission in Dublin. They use step dancing moves, with arms held at the sides unless holding the hand of the person next to you. Set dances have been danced in Ireland for about 200 years. They descended from the French quadrilles which were brought to Ireland by the British Army and landlords. The Irish adapted the dances for their own style, adding Irish steps and music.

Scottish Country Dancing is a form of social dance involving groups of couples of dancers tracing progressive patterns according to a predetermined choreography. Country dancing is sometimes mistaken for a type of folk dancing, but it is actually the ballroom dance form of Scotland, as its original base of dancers was from the more educated and wealthy classes of the Renaissance.

The fun continues in Foy Hall on Sunday 9/25!


12:00pm -  Celtic Classic Fiddle Workshop

This is a FREE fiddle workshop taught by one of the judges of the Fiddle Contest. This workshop is open to all the contestants from Saturday’s competition plus any violin or fiddle player who would like to participate – but we ask that you use the preregistration form found here

2:30pm - Irish Language Workshop

Deirdre (Marybeth) McFarland is a charter member of Daltaí na Gaeilge (Students of Irish), and she has been a part of their immersion programs as a teacher and student since the 80’s. She proudly wears the Fáinne Óir (ring of gold) signifying fluency in Irish.  Deirdre is the recipient of Daltaí na Gaeilge’s teacher’s scholarship and studied at Oideas Gael In Gleann Cholm Cille, in southwest Donegal, where she was awarded their teachers’ certification.

4:00pm - McDermott’s Handy – Harp Duo Presentation

Kathy DeAngelo and Dennis Gormley are a husband-wife duo who have been performing traditional Irish music together as McDermott’s Handy since 1979. These talented multi-instrumentalists put on a super concert and combine their strong vocals and equally strong backing accompaniment with a commanding stage presence. With a huge repertoire they’ve built over 35 years of playing traditional music, they sing in Irish and English.

Celtic Craft Schedule

Here are a few of the projects for the wee ones to get creative with:

Queen Maeve Crown: Decorated individually by each child to reflect their creativity using beads, ribbon and other fun mediums.

Welsh Hat: Part of Welsh national costume, still worn by women and particularly schoolgirls, on St. David’s Day.
Fairy Houses: Fairies hold a special place in Celtic culture. Enter their world of whimsy and wonder and make your own Fairy House!

Isle of Man Pinwheel: Make your own fun pinwheel, its center being the Manx triskelion, the coat of arms of the Isle of Man.
Scottie Dog Ornament: In the distinctive shape of the lovable Scottish Terrier. Decorate with its own tartan “collar”!